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About Whitney Hansen

A life-long Bay Area native, Whitney combines her love of the area with her decade of sales experience to help her clients find their dream home.

Whitney believes that there is a perfect home out there for everyone, it’s just a matter of finding it.

She takes the time to understand & synthesize her clients’ life aspirations, location preferences, aesthetic tastes, and budget to establish a clear, collective vision for what their ideal home looks and feels like.

Her love of art and interior design enables her to help her clients realize their vision, in either preparing their home for sale or locating the optimal one to purchase. She focuses on design preferences that will enhance properties, enabling sellers to beautifully showcase their home via staging, photography, and sometimes minor renovations to obtain the highest listing prices possible while maximizing your return on your market preparation investment.

Whitney is described as outgoing, passionate, and empathetic. She is known for being a fierce advocate for her clients behind-the-scenes, always fighting for their best interests while insulating them from the stress of the home buying/selling process.

To Whitney, a home is so much more than a house. It’s your sanctuary, your “happy place”, a space to start a business, fall deeper in love, raise a family, and a safe haven. Home is where memories are created to last a lifetime.

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